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  • The 'C' Executive Mindset
  • 24 October 2022


Most workshops are about recognizing desired behaviours without taking into consideration how to trigger and sustain them over the long term for institutionalization. This leads to organizations questioning the value for money benefit in training budgets. This is because the very antecedent to trigger and ensure sustainability is left out.

To resolve this challenge, our ABC approach starts with the:

  • antecedent; the mind of the individual, where desired behaviour is first triggered
  • behaviour that is desired and maintained over the long term
  • consequences that are a result of quantum outcomes and therefore repeated.

These are all based on research in neuroscience and humanistic gestalt principles making our process highly experiential and activity based.

Our maximum capacity of 16 participants per workshop ensures customized individual attention and coaching. All modules are embedded in psychometric assessments, psychological profiling, individual/group feedback and reflections, group exercises and real time case studies.


Our processes are based on scientific psychometric assessments and psychological profiling with high validity and reliability. Each executive is assessed before and after the three - month process for coaching and development. In the words of Bennis & Nanus (1985), ‘the mental image of a possible and desirable future of the organization is the vision which grows inside the mind of leaders but is subject to their competency to perceive things accurately.


To develop next level thinking for quantum outcomes.


There is an evening with a Gestalt OD expert in Module 1and a Derivatives expert in Module 2. Individual personal and professional coaching will be in between modules based on psychometric assessment and blue print.


Highly effective ‘C’ Executives who:

  • Have a better understanding of themselves and preferences towards decisions they make and how it affects the way they lead.
  • Are intentional in getting outcomes not just results using a repertoire of thinking modes for innovation.
  • build a climate and culture of innovative solutions to accelerate opportunity and new business ideas for sustained performance.


This Executive practitioner’s forum is an intermittent 12 - day process of training, assignments, and coaching spread over 3 months to ensure sustainability.