This specially designed retreat, strictly for high functioning top executives and retired top executives going into another phase of action. The individual executive goes through a 3 day process to be intentionally ‘slowed down to run faster’, rejuvenated to lead differently with next level thinking.


The purpose is to empower the executive to regularly practise mindfulness, de - stress holistically and rejuvenate to lead more effectively.


Our approach is based on principles of neuroscience, psychology, and gestalt including assessments. The process is facilitated by an experienced team of professionals in organizational psychology, gestalt therapy, alternative medicine and aromatherapy.


  • The focus on the totality of the executive: mind, body, emotions, spirituality, relationship to self/others.
  • Deliberate withdrawal from routine, pressures of leadership and distractions of technology
  • Crafting next level thinking
  • Meals (Personal Chef)
  • Accommodation
  • Professional Therapy/Coaching
  • Aromatherapy
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Taxes
  • For reservation and more information call - Akosua - 0244219716
BENNIS & NANUS (1985)‘the mental image of a possible and desirable future of the organization is the vision which grows inside the mind of leaders but is subject to their competency to perceive things accurately. ‘

You are encouraged NOT to bring work, laptops and other distracting items. Clothing must be comfortable and casual, with sneakers or walking shoes. Remember it’s all about pulling away from your routine lifestyle.