Our Story

With change happening so fast, leadership has no choice but move forward into the uncertain future. The challenge is that strategies that may have worked in the past have become irrelevant in these evolving times. Leadership thinking and paradigms must change to lead differently for sustained success.

This urgency, cannot be ignored and there must be an intentional systematic empowerment of top executives to think differently in reshaping the future of their organizations.

Executive leadership must of necessity, explore different varieties of thinking for optimal performance based on new scientific research

Our Mission .

Our mission is to develop executive leaders who are intentional and innovative in changing old thinking to make a quantum difference by using a repertoire of thinking modes for action.

Our vision.

To be the institute of choice for executive quantum thinking in Africa.

Our Values.

  • Open mindedness
  • Respect for diversity and similarity
  • Acknowledgment of multiple realities
  • Recognizing the value of each person’s contribution
  • Appreciating solutions through innovations

What Our Participants are Saying.